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Today marks the day of "Coins to cash" an exciting new innovate idea that Vingler is bring to their users. We are always working hard to provide the best social media platform for all users and feel this new feature will be great for users who want to make some money along the way.
See below for some of our top frequently asked questions, if like always you have any questions then let us know.

What is coins to cash?
It really is simple. When you click someone's page you will earn money for that click.

How much can I earn per click?
Currently 1,000 clicks is $0.50. We will change the price you can earn as the program goes along. We are currently just testing this out. Think of it as in beta.

Is there a limit on how much I can earn?
No. We have not set a limit on how much you can earn.

How can I cash out?
It really is easy, follow these steps.
1. Go to
2. Enter the amount of coins you want to transform into cash and click "Submit"
3. Once converted it will show a message saying you are successful
4. Refresh your page to reflect the amount of money in your account.
5. On that same page click "Withdraw Money"
6. Enter the amount to withdraw and press "Submit"

Please allow up to one week for payment to be processed. However generally they are completed within 24 hours.

If you need anything else, contact support.

Kind Regards,
Vingler Team
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