How does Vingler.com Exchange work ?

Vingler.com website works as bridge between people looking for friends and followers. The coins are provided to people which acts as rewards. When you follow or watch someones video or visit their website they give you coins, and vice versa when they follow or view you. It is up to you that how many coins you want to provide for each view or follow etc. We act as the agents and introduce you to various people. It is you who choose your friends for long run. You can find many people on site as our site focuses on community development!

What is meant by a coin ?

Coins are used to grow your social network. They work as reward which you offer people to check out your page and profile. And even you earn coins in a similar manner. This helps to develop a strong community.

How I can earn coins ?

You will earn coins for every exchange you make, to our users. For an example if you view a members page you could earn 5 coins or whatever the member has set there cpc to.

Can I buy coins ?

Yes, you can buy coins. Click on "Buy coins" on header, for pricing. Coins are added automatically after payment.

How do I use my coins ?

Your coins are automatically deducted from your account every time a member views your page, watches your video, surfs your site, follows you... As long as you have a url set to active. if you set your url to disabled it will not use your coins.

What is CPC ?

CPC = Coins Per Click. If you have your Coins Per Click set higher than everybody else then you will show up first and get your fans, followers or subscribers faster than everyone else.

How can I get clicks faster ?

You can get clicks faster by putting your CPC up higher and you will show up before all other users. You can put your CPC up to 10 if you purchase VIP and you will be the first person showing up on each page.

How many accounts can I make ?

Only one account. If you have problems contact us.

Can I earn money ?

Yes you can. All you have to do is to promote our website with your special link. You can find this link and more info, on "Affiliate" page (on the header menu).

How to claim a coupon?

It's so simply!

1. Visit http://www.vingler.com/coupons.php and sign into your account
2. Enter in the coupon code and click submit
3. You will receive a SUCCESS! message if successful.

What is proof of payment?

Proof of payment found at http://vingler.com/proof.php is all the users Vingler have paid (Some don't show). Users can upload their proof of payout to show other members proof that Vingler paid them.

How can I upload proof of payout?


1. Visit http://vingler.com/bank.php?withdraw
2. Go to the "Last 10 Transactions" scroll down for this
3. You will see an option called "Upload" under proof this is where you can upload proof of payout from Vingler.com

Want an example for what to upload for the proof of payment?
Check out this image
http://vingler.com/proofexample.png and view this video

Is this safe for advertisers?

Yes, All of your submissions will be encoded to an anonymous traffic source which is advertiser safe. The traffic we provide is safe for even AdSense!

I am not able to view the user, what do I do now?

a) Disable any plugin like adblock or add vingler.com to exception/white list and try again.
b) Contact us if it still doesn't work.